Interesting Information About Drake & His “Writing Skills”

Some other interesting information has surfaced about Drake and his “writing skills” along with him buying his way to fame?!

Well I used to stay in Toronto now I’m in NY. Drake and Nickelus F. used to be seen everywhere in TO together about 6 years ago. He used to have a white Range Rover. He used to fly Nick out and bring him to Raptor games and shit. If you search hard enough you can find all of these pics.

Nickelus F. is the one who got Malice on that song with Drake. Drake used to throw a lot of money around to get into the industry which is why him and Trey Songz is cool. When Drake was getting more known in TO he wanted more radio friendly less edgy lyrics so he switched up writers because canadian audience is really conservative. I know cats from Illusive Media who worked with Nickelus F. and they showed me that Drake paid for many of his videos and things of that nature for the songs he was writing. Also, Nickelus F. hooked him up with many connects in the game especially when he was in talks with Def Jam.

From what I heard from VERY reliable sources in the Drake camp and from NY is that this IQ cat was negotiating selling songs to Drake. Drake would buy hooks or entire songs (concepts and verses). IQ is Rakim’s protege, his pen game is mean. IQ helped him on a couple of records but Drake got pissed when he wouldn’t give him his personal records that he was gonna use for his own career.

Numerous guys in Toronto have contributed to Drake’s music. Richie Sosa being one of them, not a big collaborator but he did help Drake.

This information wasn’t too confidential because the studio sessions had many people present so everybody saw Drake and 40 asking for the rhymes. Another thing you can ask people is if they’ve EVER seen Drake actually write/think/freestyle/type/ or just overall create a song on the spot. NEVER.

There are possibly others that I don’t know of so I can’t give out any more info. I will leave you with this, Drake is not new, he’s actually paid top dollar for meeting with the biggest industry execs and he was shut down.

Mmmm….and the Drake saga continues….even though it makes his track “Fear” more realistic after reading this.

~ by msmusiclover99 on September 18, 2009.

9 Responses to “Interesting Information About Drake & His “Writing Skills””

  1. Alright, that’s it. I’m tired of not gettin’ my shine (except when a call comes in). Muh’fucka’s in tha T. Dot know who I be. I been in Drake’s corner for years! I got all that yellow cats rhymes stored up on my hard Drive! He wouldn’t be nothin’ without me! If Flex didn’t show me love when Drake was Keystylin’ on his show, I wouldn’t have to dial up the homie (Na)Kia Shine to tap that ass! We’ll see who wins this war. The battle is on. Blackberry Gang 4 Life!

  2. drake still is a great rapper and i dont care who thinks diffrently

  3. Drake let em have is moment. Cuz every singal person have a day. To shine. Iam not saying drake ain’t shit. Metterfect is drake is onthe top of the mountian. Xept it or turn it down. I

  4. i really like your music especially the song called fancy i love it and your a really grate singer

  5. I also have a question how did u become a gr8 singer and where did u do ur first performence

  6. I dnt think anyb0dy karez bout how drake got his songz or how he made it to thee top, i think errbody realy just karez bout how badasz his songz are or how hawt he is n how hez thee shit now, n errbody wantz to meet him now,

  7. I agree with the rest drake is the shit regardless of how he got there or what $ he had to put up everybody love his style and if yall don’t then that just mean ur hatin and wana take his spot he come hard on all his songs and appears places everyone else wish they could be so what matters is that he’s on top now making his $ and aint nowhere worried about what people are saying so just stop with the nonsense drake is the shit and will always bbe the shit lol (I love drake)

  8. Alright, Drake is one hell of a singer! i think people that post stupid sh*t is just jealous! nd of course who wouldn’ be jealous of Drake?! look who he was nd whoo he became today!

  9. niggas nd niggresss cum on giv him a break nd go wine 2 ur mamas he got it u dint so shut up tak a pil nd go 2 slp nd let da best do his thng!!

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