About me:)

Lover of music…fashion…music…gossip…music…and anything else!  My blog is really an inside of my thoughts, feelings, sound, touch, and smell.  I would love that you guys come in and enjoy what you are reading, debate when you don’t agree and gain knowledge in areas you never knew about or thought you did know…lol

Feedback is ALWAYS welcome!!!

For music submissions, please send to msmusiclover99@gmail.com

Holla at me at twitter.com/msmusiclover

I appreciate all the support and feedback that is given!!!

6 Responses to “About me:)”

  1. Nice spot…keep it up!

  2. Solid site. Looking forward to reading more reviews.

  3. The blog is solid. I need to add this to my favs. Tight work.

  4. you forgot to mention that you were SEXY AS HELL! Keep up the good work ma

  5. Good Blog Cuz 🙂

  6. jus came across your site i came across your aaliyah top 10 songs and your lil intro touched me becuase im also such a fan keep doing what you do, this is one awesome blog!! plus i love when you take this piss outa some situations and artists quite amusing 😀

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